The five most important considerations when moving offices

Moving offices is no mean feat! We should know; we’ve conducted many of them, large and small, over the years. We know that not every commercial move will run perfectly. Given this, at The Removal and Delivery Company, we have an effective formula which will guarantee the best chance of an effortless office move.

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Here are our top five considerations when moving offices:

1. Think about minimising potential down time

Encountering some form of disruption to your business when moving offices or relocating, can be ultimately inevitable. However, we’ve found that working around your business schedule can help greatly to reduce disruption.

This means, where possible, we recommended moving during evenings or weekends, as it is a sufficient, non disruptive method of moving.

It also means zoning and structuring your move in a way which prioritises critical business equipment. Which brings us to point 2:

2. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

This old cliche rings very true when it comes to moving your business to a new location. Planning is key! Your business should not be moved in an impromptu fashion. Executing a well thought out plan brings with it so many benefits.

Find a removal company that assigns a dedicated account manager to your move. This account manager should visit your existing and new premises, he/she should take inventory, and produce a workable schedule. This account manger is your point of contact, he/she is responsible for your successful move.

3. Office disassembly & assembly

Your office infrastructure is a combination of interconnected computer systems, furniture and paper work (and the occasional potted plant!). There are many elements that require disassembling – computers, desks, AV equipment, and full filing cabinets to name a few. It is vital to possess the requisite knowledge to dissemble and assemble these items.

4. Packing service & packing materials

Ensuring that your office is packed suitably is crucial. Do not leave this to chance, make certain that you use a professional packing service for all business critical items; assuring that they arrive at their destination in perfect working order.


Some delivery companies offer a packing service, and can generally provide packing materials too.

5. Sustainable disposal

Often overlooked, but an instrumental process, is the disposal of any surplus office equipment, furniture, paper work, or packing materials. If you have a policy in place already, your delivery company should ensure that any waste is disposed of inline with it. If not; your removal company should have a policy at hand.

Good luck with your move!


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