Moving the capitals Fashion, Art & Music

We’re not just about helping you move home or office. The Removal & Delivery Company are also specialist movers. At The Removal and Delivery Company, we’re helping designers move high fashion, galleries exhibit their works of art and musicians transport their instruments.

These are vital services which do not immediately spring to mind when you think about removals!

Considerations when moving works of art

Moving your art work for exhibition or public display can be a daunting task. It’s important you have the correct training, appropriate vehicles, insurance and a well structured plan.

Consider the following before selecting your removal partner:

  • Does the company already have adequate insurance to cover the value of the items to be moved? Can they quickly source extensions to this insurance?
  • Is the company experienced enough to arrange and safely deliver your items?
  • Does the company have vehicles and expertise to safely move your items?

What about fashion, clothing and costumes?

When looking for a removal company to move unique items, such as high fashion pieces or costumes, it’s extremely important to select the correct removal and delivery company to carry out the move.

Your designs and props need to be relocated to their destination at some point. Have you considered how this might be done? You will need an experienced removal company with fully trained staff. Do they have the insurance to cover the value of your hard work should the worst happen? Are the staff fully trained, professional & well presented?

Helping bands, musicians & entertainers


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